Stormwater Check Valve – Common Uses

Using a stormwater check valve is an important part of preventing flooding and other problems related to stormwater. Without them, sea water can back up into the stormwater pipe network and cause extensive street flooding. Sea water is often backed up by high tides because rainfall during high tides is “trapped” and cannot drain until the tide recedes. Additionally, tide water can be exacerbated by Nor’easter winds, which push tide water upward into the stormwater collection system and cause much more flooding along roads.

Tideflex CheckMate inline check valve

A historic house museum that houses extensive botanical gardens needed to install a new drainage system. To protect the museum from damaging floodwaters, new stormwater drainage pipes and a pump station were installed. The project engineer needed a reliable check valve that would prevent flooding from occurring, so he turned to Tideflex Technologies. He chose the Tideflex CheckMate inline stormwater check valve for installation in the underdrain outfall of a box culvert.

The Tideflex CheckMate inline valve is an ideal solution for preventing backflow, flooding, and surcharging from stormwater systems. The valve’s inline design means that it can be installed without any structural modifications. This makes it the ideal choice for municipalities and commercial property owners who want to prevent flooding. This maintenance-free valve is also made of durable rubber, which helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Holman Check Valve

When it comes to stormwater check valves, Holman has you covered. The company makes a variety of options for both residential and commercial applications. They are certified by the AS/NZS and AMI and meet or exceed all current standards. Listed below are some of the most common uses for Holman stormwater check valves.

These valves are an integral part of any irrigation system, pump, or swimming pool. They allow water to flow through only one way and prevent backflow. ThisĀ stormwater check valve prevents contaminated water from entering the household water supply. Check valves are self-automatic, which means that they don’t require human assistance to open or close.

The Tideflex(r) Check Valve is another excellent choice for backflow prevention applications. It features a unique design that enables it to create a tighter seal than flapgates. Its patented Curved Bill design compresses around solids in the pipe for maximum backflow protection. These valves can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance.