Tips For Cleaning a Kitchen

Many people wonder what is involved in cleaning a kitchen. It is an expensive task and takes a long time. You can save money by hiring someone else to do the cleaning for you, but the time involved is pretty much the same. Here is the proper way to clean a kitchen.

Before you get started, here are some simple home cleaning suggestions. Before doing any of your own kitchen cleanup, always make sure that all of the surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. This means that you must vacuum the sink, under the sink and any other hard surfaces. This will help to keep a well maintained kitchen clean. During the cleanup process, take some time and look over the countertops and flooring. If anything has gotten dirty, it should be taken off and cleaned. The food you store in the cabinets should also be cleaned at least once a month, if not more often.

Always remove all of the cooking appliances from the stove before starting on the cleaning process. You do not want to risk accidentally dropping anything during the cleanup. After you have taken out the cooking appliances, start to vacuum the countertops and flooring. Make sure to check the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and any other cooking devices you have in the kitchen. Once you have cleaned the surfaces with a vacuum cleaner, apply a spray of soapy water and then vacuum again. The water will soak up any grease that might have accumulated on the surfaces.

Cleaning the cabinets is the next step. You should try to clean the top shelves of the cabinets by using a damp cloth. The cabinets themselves will have built-up a lot of grease, and the moisture from the cloth will loosen the glue that holds the shelf together. The bottom shelves will need to be vacuumed as well. This will help to remove any left over food that you had not put away when you finished cooking.

If you have any type of cooking device like a microwave, you should also clean these devices before you begin the kitchen work. If there is food left over from the previous cooking, you will want to remove this and place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You should also remove any debris that might have been left behind as well. after cleaning the appliances.

Once the kitchen is clean, dry everything thoroughly, and store in a place that is airy and dry. After the cooking is complete, you will want to put on a protective coat of paint to ensure that you are not having any mold build up. You may want to cover any exposed surfaces with plastic so that the stains do not show through. Once you are done, check your kitchen to see if you can save any extra cost by hiring someone else to clean the kitchen while you clean. A lot of people are surprised at how well this goes. If you are handy enough, you can do the job yourself, but make sure that you do some research first.