Protectair Fungal Nails Treatment – Follow This Guide If You Have an Infection

protectair fungal nail treatment

If you think that treating nail fungus infections with an over the counter product is costly, then you’ll be happy to know that a brand new product called ProtectAir offers to help you save money and time by providing alternative options for removing fungal nails. These non-prescription products provide easy, safe and effective relief from symptoms associated with this health issue. This is the perfect solution for those who don’t have time or access to the over the counter choices. All you need is a simple application, a little bit of time and a few dollars.

ProtectAir fungal nail treatment kits are designed to treat fungal infections of the toenails. The manufacturer recommends this treatment for minor to moderate infections and has no information on the possible negative side effects that may occur from use. They do list precautions associated with using the product, however. For the most part, these include:

In case you are allergic to topical applications or need extra strong anti-fungal spray, the ProtectAir fungal nail treatment products are available in a variety of strengths. Depending on your symptoms, you will either need a stronger or weaker solution. Also, the product comes in both spray and liquid forms. It’s recommended that you get your supply of either the spray or liquid form, if you’re not sure which one to get. To make sure you get the correct strength, read the instructions carefully.

If you need a topical application that you can use at home, the ProtectAir fungal nail treatment products also come with a helpful guide to choosing and applying the product. This includes a 5ml toenail polish that helps mask the odor of infection, how to apply the product and what to look out for in any discoloration. Although the product is labeled as being medical grade, it is only available as a spray so you will need an appropriate container to ensure safety.

The ProtectAir fungal nail treatment products are available in both liquids and a paste form. The product is supposed to dissolve the nails and to protect them from future infections. To use the products effectively, you will need to apply an even layer of product on the toenails and leave it on for at least five to ten minutes. It is important to note that the product can be applied all day but should be removed within twenty-four hours for better results.

If you have an infection in your toenails, then the worst thing you can do is trying to cover it up. You may think that it is not affecting you enough to notice, but fungus spreads very quickly and if left untreated will affect more body parts such as the stomach, respiratory system, etc. You will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially if you have had an injury. If you wait for the infection to spread then you are making it more difficult to treat and the longer you leave it unattended the worse your health will become.